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You may be wondering, “Is email marketing relevant for my business?” If your business is on the web, then the answer is yes. If your business is already involved in other forms of digital marketing, the answer is still yes! Email marketing is a vital tool that shouldn’t be overlooked, especially when you’re hoping to widen your business’s reach.

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of email marketing, and the many ways it can help your business even further.

Email Marketing Defined

Email marketing is pretty much right there in the name, marketing via emails. Creating the right email marketing strategy for your business is a key channel to reach out to your target audience, in a way that’s accessible and readily available to many customers.

In fact, a huge portion of people check emails on their mobile devices, making it a very convenient and quick way to market to consumers.

Ways It Can Help Your Business

Did you know that 91% of consumers use email? That’s a large demographic that your business could be tapping into. There are many advantages of this marketing strategy — here are just a few.

Targeted Messaging

With targeted messaging, not only can you add personalizations to your email marketing, but you can also utilize customer personas to your advantage. Segmenting your audience through these different personas will more easily speak to their wants and needs, increasing your chances for lead nurturing. Targeting your audience throughout the customer journey can also boost sales.


Considering that so many people use email as a way to keep connected, it’s no wonder it’s an engaging tool. Whether your goal is for them to click through a link to your site, forward the email to a friend, or sign up for something, these are all actions that will increase engagement with your brand.

It particularly complements content marketing strategies since it allows you to increase the exposure of your content. And since many users are viewing emails on mobile devices, this generally leads to higher conversion rates than other mediums.


When you automate your email marketing, you’re saving time, which is a huge advantage for busy professionals. It’s a way to increase brand awareness without being a huge time suck. You can even use it to leverage customer data, like sending them special birthday offers or upselling similar products to ones they’ve purchased in the past.

By setting up these automated campaigns, you’re marketing your brand as one that cares about the customer, in ways that won’t take too much time on your end.

Measurable Data

As is the case for many marketing strategies, being able to measure your results is crucial. Tracking various data — such as click-through rates, subscription rates, and delivery rates — helps to glean what may be working (or not working) in your efforts.

Tweaking tactics is a necessary part of the digital marketing game, but with how comprehensive email marketing data is, you’re better able to understand which ways are speaking to your target audience best. Once you have this information, you’re better able to serve them, and in turn, market your brand more efficiently.


Many platforms offer a set amount of emails for free, or very inexpensive. Email marketing’s cost per conversion is relatively low, in comparison to other forms of digital marketing. It’s worth looking into which services may best suit your business’s needs, but the ROI is considerably significant for what it costs. Even when you outsource your email marketing to an agency or consultant, it’s still a relatively cost-effective option.

Elevate Your Digital Strategy with Email

While many platforms are everchanging and difficult to learn the ins and outs, email marketing is an affordable, user-friendly resource that allows personalization in your copy. Not only can it cut down on costs, but it can be streamlined in many other areas as well, giving your business a boost without as much fuss as some other marketing schemes.

Plus, it’s a great way to get the word out on sales or other promotions that require a sense of urgency. And we can even bet that, in the span of reading this blog post, you received a few emails from companies you like. So why not capitalize on that for your own business? It’s well worth the time and effort.

Feeling like you want to make the leap into email marketing for your business? Schedule a consultation today with Mavericks Marketing if you’re ready to make a ruckus in your digital marketing strategy.