Whether it’s a book, a movie, or a personal memory, you won’t forget about the stories that captivate you for the rest of your life. Great stories stick with us because of their innate relevance. Stories speak to our memories and world views on a deeply emotional level.

For your brand to be successful, you’ll need to tell the type of story that resonates with your audience in an authentic way. Your customers don’t gravitate toward your business because of strictly the features and benefits of your products. Decision-making is ultimately emotional, and finding the right brand story can help you speak to your audience’s emotions in a way that makes them remember and value you.

Regardless of your product or service, you likely have competitors that offer similar tangible value to your audience. What sets you apart to disrupt your industry is not a cheaper price or marginally higher quality; it’s the story you tell that connects your offering with your audience’s worldview.

To achieve this, you need a strategy that is genuine and remains at the core of your business. Your story must be consistent throughout all mediums in order to attract your audience, giving them an emotional investment in your brand. We’re here to help you develop your voice and build your brand story through a variety of storytelling methods.

What messages are your audience currently reading about your brand? What stories are you, intentionally or unintentionally, communicating with potential customers? A marketing audit helps answer these questions, allowing you to find elements and nuggets that can be used to build a compelling brand story.

Persona Development

Quantifiable target audiences are undoubtedly important in developing an effective marketing strategy. But this method lacks the personal connection you have to actual customers. We will help you develop your buyer personas, by defining their distinct interests, patterns of behavior, and characteristics that enable you to build a brand story specifically designed to appeal to their aspirations and world views.

Branding Style Guide

For your brand to tell a compelling story, it needs to be consistent. JRR Tolkien did not allow anyone else to write The Lord of the Rings because he knew it would dilute and diminish his voice and writing. But in marketing, you don’t have the luxury of relying on a single individual for all of your promotional outreach.

A branded style guide narrows down your brand voice to a singular entity. What words do you use, how upbeat do you want to be, and what will be your most common references? A style guide will answer all of these questions to make sure that every piece of content your audience comes across communicates the same story.

Developing a Content & Editorial Calendar

While a style guide allows you to nail down your brand voice, consistently publishing regular content on a variety of outlets is difficult without a plan. We will develop your Content & Editorial Calendar to keep track of your channels and published content to measure its effectiveness. Whether it be on social media or your blog, a comprehensive content calendar allows you to develop an ecosystem of interaction with your customer.

Dynamic Personalization

The best brand stories speak directly to their audience, making them feel involved rather than simply being a face in the crowd. Personalized marketing outperforms mass outreach by significant margins, but may seem impossible once your audience size grows. Our dynamic personalization services help you reach out to a large audience while still making every potential customer feel personally connected to your brand story.

In marketing, storytelling is key. Your audience will come across a variety of messages related to your brand and it’s important that each message has a consistent one. Connecting each message with a compelling brand story helps improve both your credibility and the emotional connection your audience will feel to your brand.

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