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Has your outdoor lifestyle brand hit a snag in its marketing? Do you feel stuck in your product’s growth? At Mavericks Marketing, we understand how tricky the business can be. We’re going to talk through why your brand may be hitting a wall with your efforts, and what holistic marketing can do to get you back on the right track.

Does Your Product Stand Out?

One possible reason for your plateau may involve your product or brand’s uniqueness. If there’s nothing proprietary about what you’re selling, you may be up against some heavy competitors. Be sure to narrow down what problem you’re solving for your customers, and how you stand up to others in the same area to ensure that you’re marketing yourself well.

Do You Have a Growth Strategy?

Marketing relies heavily on planning and strategy, and if you never anticipated the road for growth, this may be why you’ve come to a dead end. Determining where you want your business to grow is part of making sure it scales beyond the initial growth.

Set aside time to build an integrated marketing strategy for which targets you want to hit next, and how you intend to achieve them.

Are You Targeting the Right Audience?

When you’re not marketing to your target audience, it feels a lot like shouting into a void. Determine who your market is, who you should be selling to, and how to sell to them. (This includes finding where your customers come from, i.e. traffic sources like organic, paid, referral, and direct.)

When you have a clear idea of your ideal customer, you’re better able to create an effective marketing strategy in general, and the rest will follow.

Is Your Marketing Plan Cohesive?

When looking at your marketing plan, does it feel consistent throughout your branding, messaging, channels, etc.? Are you even crafting a strategic and creative marketing plan? Review your marketing with a fine-tooth comb and use the right tools to gain a deeper understanding of your customers, brand, and industry.

Find your niche, develop a strategy, and go where your customers are to ensure that your marketing efforts aren’t for nothing.

Are you testing?

In your marketing strategy are you testing messaging, ad creative, landing page experience, etc..? You should always be testing. In the age of digital, things are changing fast and you need to stay relevant. An ad type might be performing well for you one month but now all of the sudden it isn’t. You need to have a holistic marketing plan that you can fall back on to continue pushing you and your brand so you don’t become stagnate.

The Power of Holistic Marketing

So how does all of this tie into your outdoor lifestyle brand, especially with holistic marketing? To put it simply, holistic marketing is a strategy that unifies all of your internal and external channels to create a cohesive user experience.

When you have different departments — such as marketing, sales, customer service, and IT — it’s important to take into consideration what each offers and provide a positive experience at every touchpoint with your brand for a seamless customer journey.

Let’s look at how you can use the principles of holistic marketing for your own strategy!

Focusing on User Experience

Holistic marketing is about building relationships, making your marketing socially responsible, as well as the belief that your business ultimately serves the customer. How that comes into play with user experience is creating meaningful relationships with your audience and leaning toward customer loyalty more than product-selling. When you treat the customer as a person rather than a number, it builds on your brand’s authenticity and level of care.

Finding Your Brand’s Conscious Mission

Your integrated and internal marketing should hone in on one area in particular: your brand’s conscious mission. As an outdoor lifestyle brand, especially, this is something your audience will appreciate. The integrated aspect of this shows your unity between departments, and how that translates to your mission.

For the internal marketing, it’s demonstrated by your personal interest in everyone who contributes to your business and how that genuine appreciation for each and every employee comes through in the brand’s overall philosophy. These two components will aid in showing a brand that cares, both for the customers and the people behind the business.

Creating a Positive Brand Image

Though user experience and your mission do coincide with a positive brand image in many ways, another part of that is displaying your socially conscious efforts. Does your brand donate proceeds to a charity through each purchase? Are you using ethically-made products or eco-friendly packaging? Consumers who care about these issues will gravitate to brands that give back or create meaning in their mission.

Reach New Heights with a Holistic Strategy

Consider a holistic marketing approach to help scale your business, especially if you’re an outdoor lifestyle brand that wants to build deeper customer relationships. You may even come to find that it grows your brand in ways you never imagined or dreamed! So why not give it a go? Contact us today to schedule a consultation and see what a holistic strategy will do for your business!