You can get fancy with Email Marketing, or you can rely on a data-driven digital marketing tactic that continue to outperform all competition. Experts around the globe continue to believe in email as the single most effective digital marketing tool available, thanks in part to an average ROI of over 4,300 percent.

Through disruptive email marketing tactics, you can reach your customers with targeted, personalized, and automated messaging that yield a higher ROI that other campaigns. Nurturing leads, or encouraging past customers to return for more, while using data-driven decision science to optimize and improve your email strategy over time.

Email marketing is effective, but it takes time, effort, and well developed strategy. Our services cover everything your business needs from email marketing to insure that you can maximize your conversions and drive customer loyalty and purchase.

Email Copy and Design – Design for Disruption

Given that we now receive more than 100 emails per day, your email copy and design must stand out from the crowd to be successful. A short and eye-catching subject line matters as much as compelling visuals and a persuasive call to action within your email body. 

Your audience increasingly reads their emails on mobile devices. To account for that trend, you’ll need a responsively designed email that adjusts dynamically to individual screen sizes. The design minimizes scrolling and keeps your visuals mobile-friendly.

Meanwhile, personalized messaging allows you to dynamically insert any information about your information that exists in your database. Optimize your conversion rates by speaking to your recipients’ individual needs and turn your email blast into a 1-1 outreach tool.

Segmentation & Targeting

Email blasts are a thing of the past. Today’s marketing emails have to be segmented according to portions of your audience that share interests and needs. Effective segmentation allows you to create a more targeted message that is optimized for conversions, both to your leads and your current and past customers.

Through segmentation and targeting, you can also increase the success of your persona-based marketing. A middle-aged female will respond to very different copy than a teenager, though both may be interested in your product. Only a comprehensive segmentation strategy allows you to create personalized messages for each of your buyer personas.

Pre & Post-Purchase Outreach

Successful business managers know: growth is dependent on two variables. Attracting new customers is just as important as retaining existing ones, and a successful email marketing strategy allows you to accomplish both.

Through email, you can nurture your leads, communicate industry and product news, and drive to initial sales. At the same time, you can also encourage positive reviews, showcase exclusive offers, and boost loyalty by creating conversations with your customers and building relationships.

The more you know about your audience, the more you can target your pre and post-purchase outreach. Segment based on purchase history, level of interest shown in your brand, and other variables to create a successful email marketing strategy for all potential revenue and growth sources.

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