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Why Monthly SEO Services?

Some business believe that SEO is a one-time development aspect of their website. That you just need to do some keyword research, implement and optimize the website and then the Organic Traffic will flow in. Unfortunately this is not true. In order for Search Engine Optimization to be effective, monthly optimization are necessary. See why SEO should be in place and performed on a monthly basis in order to see continuous benefits to your business.

User Experience Optimization for a New Website

When a company first launches a website, there is no data yet to determine if the website was designed for the best user experience. Most websites are created using a templated approach and the design decisions are made based on gut-feelings and ascetics. However, Search Engines have openly said that they will rank websites higher that have a great experience for the users.

Monthly SEO services would allow marketers to understand how users are interacting with the new website. We can then test different elements (button colors, messaging, images, etc.) and see which provides a better user experience. Because conducting these tests take time to gather the user data, monthly services allow for Marketers to gather enough data to make informed decisions to improve User Experience. For instance, are ‘patient’ testimonials important for a user before scheduling an appointment or is a ‘doctor’ testimonial better at driving conversions. We can test that and evolve the website for a better user experience.

Preventing Competitors form stealing your Organic Traffic

Many times new competitors enter the market with a shiny new optimized websites and will (sadly) steal your traffic. Even though they are not necessarily your Brick & Mortar competitors, they may be your ‘Digital’ competitors who compete for the attention of your users. If you only optimize your site for November of 2019 keywords and competitors, you could start to lose traffic for a competitor that launches their website in February of 2020. More on this in the next section.

Marketers should continuously monitor and provide reporting on your competitors (both Digital and Brick & Mortar) as well as recommend and implement changes to the website so that you business does not lose it’s organic search ranking.

Continuous Keyword Research for the Website and Future Content

If a Marketer conducts keyword research now and optimizes the website for those keywords, they’ve only optimizing the website for this moment in time. As user behaviors change and people adopt new keywords used in organic searches, your business will lose organic ranking over time. For instance, if the website is optimized the site now for “Urgent Care” or “Concierge Medical Clinic”, a short hand phrase may evolve from those words and now will be used in Searches. The website will need to evolve as user’s language evolves.

We as Marketers must continuously conduct research on keywords and how much search volume those keywords are driving to the website and how the website language may need to change over time.

*Bonus: Continuously monitoring and conducting keyword research also helps with providing new Content Ideas for future blog posts. Content is ever evolving and extremely important for your website’s organic search ranking.

Resolving Technical Errors and Broken pages

Search Engines penalize websites that have broken pages or technical errors. Broken pages are those page on websites that aren’t found. Example of a Broken Page. If there is a lot of traffic going to this landing page, Search Engines will start to bring your website down in rankings.

Our services monitor these and insure that there are no broken pages. This happens more often than you think as content is being updated or changes are made to the website. Most agencies who provide ongoing website maintenance do not monitor for this. 

Technical Errors include elements that have passed the User Experience test, but don’t pass the Search Engine test. For Example: this website below had a few issues that Google recognized were causing them to lose ranking. Because of these issues, Google is not ranking this website as high as it could rank.

As website changes are made, Marketers should monitor these changes and either correct them or provide guidance to the web developer to correct them.

Mobile issues

Continuing to Increase Organic Traffic/Visibility

Lastly, Marketers should be continuously monitoring the organic search traffic, providing recommendations and implementing those changes to increase organic traffic. If we start seeing a decrease in organic traffic, we will then make changes to the website (or recommend changes) to increase the organic traffic. Organic traffic is the most valuable traffic that you can have. Organic users typically have the highest conversion rate, spend the most time on the website and indicates how much your brand is growing.

Mavericks Marketing offers a variety of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services to create comprehensive solutions for startups, entrepreneurs, and established businesses. Contact us today to schedule a marketing strategy session to reach your business goals.