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In recent years, podcasts have significantly grown in popularity. Now, you can seemingly find a podcast for any topic, such as business, news, science, arts, health, fiction, leisure, and more. There are online communities dedicated to certain podcasts and influencers, with forums of discussion and hype around new episodes. 

So, how did this increase in podcasting come to be? Let’s explore how the rise of podcasts has been years in the making, and what podcasting can do for your marketing campaigns!

Podcasting Through the Years

Though it may feel as if podcasts have only surfaced within the last decade or so, you’d be surprised to know that their origins stem from the 1980s. However, many may say radio serials and stories have played a large part in podcasting’s roots. Previously called “audioblogs,” the shift to podcasts came as a result of more easily accessible broadband internet and devices (like the iPod) that allowed portable listening in the 2000s.

Before the internet was widely used, these early audioblogs would be distributed to radio stations through audio software. In the 1990s, certain websites would provide internet radio shows that were downloadable — another precursor of modern-day podcasts.

In the 2000s, the first on-demand radio show, and eventually podcast, came to fruition through iTunes. Over the past two decades, new platforms and formats have allowed for a variety of podcasts, from fictionalized works to documentary series. Now, podcasts are offered through numerous platforms, such as Spotify, Apple, Google, and Audible.

Podcasting’s Popularity

How and why have podcasts become so popular? There are many reasons, some of which can be narrowed down to the last few years as remote work has increased. While podcasts have become more widely available in more recent times, there has also been an increase in public figures and celebrities creating their own podcasts. This, along with interesting topics and easily digestible content, has produced accessible entertainment on the go.

Early in the pandemic, other forms of media weren’t always available, such as new TV shows or movies due to filming and theater restrictions. This is where podcasting came swooping in to save the day, allowing for audio stories that could be released weekly or monthly on a consistent basis.

Since they’re easy to download, diverse in subject matter, and perfect for multitasking, podcasts have become one of the most popular forms of media and a great place for marketing yourself or your business. It’s no wonder so many brands have jumped on the podcast train!

Benefits of Podcasts

With lots of podcasts out there, you’re likely to find one (or a handful) that’s tailored to your niche or industry. Building on this momentum can look like creating your own podcast or being a guest speaker on a more established podcast. Not only does this build brand awareness and grow your audience, but it also gives you a chance to share your brand story.

Many companies have even partnered with podcasters for promotions and sponsorships. Take HelloFresh, as an example. Part of its marketing budget goes toward podcast ads, and it even has an inquiry form for podcast sponsorships on its site. This strategy has been a great way for HelloFresh to speak directly to its target audience and increase subscribers. 

Tips for Podcast Marketing

Podcast marketing offers many advantages, but if you don’t have a promotion strategy, then you won’t see much of an ROI. Whether you want to use podcasts for your marketing or promote your own podcast, here are some tips for achieving successful results:

  1. Use social media for marketing and promoting episodes through visual and audial clips
  2. Email subscribers about exclusive content, announcements, and early episode releases.
  3. Provide video content for each episode, such as uploading the recording to YouTube
  4. Create an online community (like a Facebook group) for subscribers to discuss episodes, share memes, and connect
  5. Leverage your guests’ audience and ask for cross-promotion on their website and social media

While podcasting is an effective way for brands to reach new audiences, podcasts themselves offer many great examples of clever promotion techniques that businesses can implement in their own podcast marketing. Pay attention to what popular podcasts are doing and use that inspiration for your own strategy.

Enhance Your Marketing with Podcasts

With the rise of podcasts, riding this wave can elevate your brand and create discussions around important relevant topics. Plus, podcast marketing allows for creative campaigns and helps you reach a wider audience than other channels. Get a competitive edge by taking advantage of podcasting’s benefits.

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