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Your medical device has the ability to change lives, but if it’s not being marketed effectively, then its potential impact will be limited. Medical device marketing faces unique challenges that require a disruptive strategy to break through the noise and drive growth. Otherwise, your target audience will know little to nothing about your product and brand.

Let’s learn more about these obstacles and discover solutions to make your medical device marketing more impactful!

Marketing Challenges of Medical Device Companies

Getting the attention of buyers and convincing them that your device is superior to others is no easy task. There are a variety of marketing challenges that medical device companies face, which is why it’s vital to continually refine your strategy to maximize results.

Here are some of the most common struggles that medical device companies face:

Low Brand Awareness

Medical devices typically aren’t household names, but that doesn’t mean they can’t achieve high brand awareness for target audiences that matter like healthcare professionals, patients, and distributors. After all, if people don’t know your product or brand exists, then how are they going to buy from you?

Product Complexity

Innovative technology and product design are wonderful, however, communicating complex information is tricky — especially to consumers with limited medical and engineering knowledge. When prospects are unable to understand your medical device, the likelihood of becoming a buyer narrows.

Inconsistent Brand Message

It’s not enough to simply have a brand message, it must be consistent throughout every touchpoint in your buyer’s journey. A gap in your brand message can confuse prospects, cause leads to fall through the cracks, and lose buyers to competitors.

Sales and Marketing Aren’t Aligned

When there’s little cooperation or alignment between sales and marketing, inefficiency and costs increase. It’s crucial that your teams work together towards the same goals through open and constructive dialogues.

7 Solutions to Improve Medical Device Marketing

From driving more online conversions to acquiring and retaining buyers, your medical device marketing has its work cut out. Get the kind of results you want to see by applying these seven solutions to your marketing strategy!

1. Create Buyer Personas

When you don’t know your audience, it’s much harder to craft messaging that will resonate with prospects and encourage action. Research your target audience and develop ‘buyer personas’ that describe their most common characteristics. Personas humanize your audience, which leads to more empathic communication.

2. Focus on Value Over Features

Medical device companies often get too caught up in explaining the features of their product rather than the value it offers. Too much technical jargon will make it difficult for your audience to read, let alone understand. Focus on the “why” behind your product rather than the “what.”

3. Incorporate More Storytelling

Storytelling is a popular marketing approach that uses a narrative to communicate the brand message in an impactful way. Stories humanize your brand and make your audience feel more deeply, which they’ll remember longer than the intricacies of how your medical device works.

4. Refresh Your Website

Your medical device website is an asset that works 24/7 for your business, but if the design is stale or it has a poor user experience, then your conversions will flounder. Refresh your web design and development to boost form submissions, phone calls, downloads, signups, and more!

5. Integrate Communication Channels

Treating your communications channels as separate entities can lead to inconsistent messaging and negative brand experiences. Instead, align and coordinate all of your channels and assets into a cohesive integrated strategy to eliminate disparities between your traditional advertising, sales, and digital marketing.

6. Enhance Holistic User Experience

Buyers have more options than ever to interact with your brand. Focus on providing a positive and holistic user experience that spans all digital and non-digital touchpoints like social media, email, sales calls, online chat, customer service, etc.

7. Produce and Share Quality Content

Content marketing is crucial for standing out from the clutter, engaging your audience, and building strong relationships. It’s particularly beneficial for medical device marketing because it allows you to guide prospects through your buyer journey map.

Disrupt the Medical Device Industry

The first step to improving your medical device marketing is understanding its challenges. From low brand awareness to unaligned sales and marketing, there are a variety of obstacles that could be hindering your company’s growth. Once you grasp where your strategy is falling short, you’re better positioned to apply marketing solutions most effectively and shake up the industry.

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