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Skiing is an amazing sport — not only is it a great cardiovascular workout, but you also get up close and personal with nature. While it’s a thrilling activity, learning to ski properly presents challenges, such as cost, safety, and motivation. Skiing’s history dates back to our ancient ancestors that used it for hunting and transportation, whereas alpine (downhill) skiing is a more recent invention that gained popularity in the 1800s.

Despite significant advancements in ski equipment and safety, instruction remained relatively unchanged; you either learned from an instructor or taught yourself through practice. That is until Carv, the world’s first digital ski coach, made ski instruction more accessible, accurate, and fun. Now, skiers of any skill level can improve their technique with professional audio coaching powered by real-time data.

See how Carv disrupted the ski industry by shredding traditional instruction with future-forward wearable technology!

Challenges of Learning to Ski

Learning the right ski techniques is crucial to being safe and improving skills. While private lessons were the best option to learn the basic skills quickly, that approach was also the most expensive. Group lessons are less pricey, but then you run into the issue of not receiving personalized attention. Plus, there’s no guarantee that your instructor will be a good teacher!

While teaching yourself is free, it’s typically not recommended because you can develop bad techniques and increase your risk of injury. If you’re skiing with more experienced friends, they’ll probably give you pointers, but that’s risky too. Just because they’ve skied more than you doesn’t equate to them being capable of offering you the appropriate advice.

Then there’s the internet, which has lots of useful resources available; however, relying on them alone could lead to serious injuries. Given the challenges of learning and improving ski techniques, many people have been discouraged from taking up the sport or continuing with it.

Carv Introduces Digital Ski Coaching

Launched on Kickstarter in 2016, Carv is the first wearable device that helps you ski better by speaking to you while you ski. The technology was built with world-class instructors to analyze your technique in real-time, give audio feedback on the slopes, and provide a detailed analysis between runs. No longer do you need an actual instructor!

Carv is a digital ski coach that you take along with you anytime and anywhere you go skiing. The smart boot insert measures your motion and pressure distribution and the app relays real-time feedback through your earphones. There are several membership options and you’re allowed to amend or cancel at any time.

Since each day on the mountain is different, Carv also offers a range of coaching options to further personalize your instruction. The Free Ski mode gives technique advice after run, the Training mode provides interactive skill drills, and the Monitor mode focuses on a specific area of your skiing with instant audio feedback.

Another example of Carv’s future-forward technology is the Ski:IQ™ feature. It’s a scoring system that provides a quantified estimate of your ski technique that’s based on how you perform in the key skill areas of Balance, Edging, Rotary, and Pressure.

The app will recommend tips and drills recommended to improve your skiing by focussing on the aspects of your ski technique that need help. When you improve, so will your Ski:IQ™ score.

The Ski Experience Gets Elevated

Having a digital ski coach that provides real-time audio instruction and data whenever you need has elevated the skiing experience for skiers of all skill levels. With Carv, you’ll be able to develop your balance, improve body isolation, learn to carve, and maximize edge control — without an in-person instructor.

Not only does Carv make learning ski techniques more accessible, but it also delivers personalized recommendations to show you how to level up. According to Carv’s testimonials, 95% of its users improved their skiing, with many touting the value over traditional lessons.

Carv revolutionized the industry by developing a new way of learning that can have you skiing better in days, not years. This in turn boosts confidence on the slopes and enhances safety, making the skiing experience more enjoyable, so people are more likely to stick with the sport.

Lift Your Brand with a Disruptive Strategy

Innovative thinking has the power to solve old problems, as evidenced by Carv’s ground-breaking wearable technology. Fortunately, you don’t need to be a startup to shake things up. With a disruptive strategy, any brand can change the status quo or the way customers think about a product, service, or industry.

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