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A company blog often feels like it takes a great deal of time and effort to maintain. That effort, however, is well spent! Your company blog serves a number of vital purposes that will help keep your website working more efficiently and bring new customers to your website.

1. Increases Organic Search Traffic

A blog is one of the best ways to bring in search engine traffic. New keywords pop up that are related to your industry on a regular basis. From breaking news to fresh trends and innovations, you want to stay on top of those keywords to keep driving search engine traffic–and your blog is the best place to do that.

2. Enhances the Customer Experience

Your blog is the ideal place to address common customer questions, share new information about your brand, and offer the chance for customers to develop their knowledge about your industry. In fact, your blog can take the place of many basic, familiar customer service tasks.

3. Keeps Your Customers Coming Back

Every time you publish or advertise a new blog, it encourages customers to come back to visit your website again. In many cases, while they’re there, those customers will remember a purchase that they wanted to make or be intrigued by a new product you are offering.

4. Helps you become a Thought Leader in your Industry

Your blog helps establish your authority in your field. Customers want to know why they should trust you and your company specifically amidst all the others in your industry. Your blog helps build your voice and show that you genuinely know your stuff. In many cases, this will help set you apart from your competitors and show off your capability within your field.

5. Gives customers a deeper understanding of your Brand

While you should only rarely write posts that are purely advertisements, you can cram a lot of information about your brand into your regular blog posts. Your blog helps people learn what your brand really represents, from the causes you stand behind to the foundation your business is built on. Your blog can show that you value customer service, that you stand behind your product, or that your employees all have a strong work ethic, all without coming out and saying it.

6. Keeps You Aware of New Trends

As you write your blog, you’re constantly seeking new information in your field. You have to be aware of industry news, keep up with changes in your field, and know-how new events will affect your business in order to blog successfully.

7. Ties together all of your Marketing Efforts

Your blog doesn’t stand alone. It also ties into your social media posts, creating valuable conversations that allow you to learn more about your customers and their wants and needs. In many cases, your blog becomes the heart of your strategy. This is where you create the content that you push out on social media and other platforms.

8. Blogging is a powerful yet, cost-effective Marketing Strategy

Adding a blog to your existing website is an incredibly cost-effective way to reach out to both existing customers and new ones. While it’s not free–you’ll pay for the content you’re publishing, whether you’re paying a blogger or using your own time to create that content–it is a very inexpensive way to develop marketing materials that can continue to produce a return for your business for years to come.

Developing a blog is one powerful strategy for enhancing your website. If you’re looking for other ways to maximize your marketing efforts and reach out to more of your customers, contact us! We’ll work with you to develop more effective marketing strategies to help bring customers to a business that is dedicated to innovation.