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The world is full of natural wonders, begging to be seen and explored. But exploration requires the right tools, especially in apparel. Even within the last few decades, more and more people have made goals to scale mountains, rock climb, and surf the biggest waves. These driven individuals have a knack for not settling on what they deserve, which is why it’s important to find quality products to take them where they want to go.

Patagonia began with these same problems to solve over 60 years ago, and to this day, this brand has focused on making the world a better place through care for customers, the environment, and adventurous pursuits. What makes them stand out above the rest in the game? Well, we’re going to dive right in and see how Patagonia had disrupted its industry in positive ways.

Creating Quality Outdoor Gear

Like many brand stories, what started off as a simple question soon snowballed into a whole business. Patagonia’s beginnings were steeped in its founder enjoying nature and the outdoors and finding ways to stay active while being comfortable in the gear. As an accomplished rock climber, Yvon Chouinard realized that the activewear available for these excursions was lacking.

He began selling his own hand-forged mountain climbing gear in 1957, creating products that would allow comfort, safety, and quality. Chouinard found a solution to a problem that had been plaguing him and sought to share it with the world. Soon enough, his business grew due to supply and demand, and required assistance in selling his products. By 1973, Chouinard opened his own storefront under a different name.

Within eight years after his storefront opened, the name Patagonia became Chouinard’s, and thus, the brand’s eponymous name came to fruition. In the years that followed, the business expanded its locations, product offerings, and even its goals for the world.

Climbing the Mountain of Success

Throughout the years, Patagonia has made a name for itself with durable products and an impactful mission. Expanding its product line from apparel to other sporting equipment has broadened its customer base, while also ensuring the same sort of quality is provided across the board for active lifestyle enthusiasts.

When Patagonia expanded beyond apparel, the company concentrated on other aspects of outdoor life and how to better serve its consumers. Its expansion included sports outside of mountain and rock climbing, such as surfing, skiing, and even recreational camping. Eventually, the brand took it another step further by offering organic and environmentally-conscious food, perfect for adventure and activity, under its Patagonia Provisions line. By becoming a one-stop shop for all outdoor clothing, equipment, and snacks, Patagonia has placed itself firmly in the industry as the go-to for every adventurous traveler while never settling to be just another typical brand in the industry.

Patagonia’s culture focuses on travel and the outdoors, always encouraging its audience to be active and in touch with nature. The company has altered expectations for what activewear and gear should be about, including its own activism and involvement.

Clothing With a Cause 

Considered an “activist company,” Patagonia has worked over the years on sustainability, environmental-friendly practices, and the betterment of communities. With customers’ concern about supporting brands that are mission-driven, Patagonia’s activism has sparked interest and conversation in the typical corporate way of thinking. Through the years, this brand has paved the way for effecting change within its company and consumer base.

In recent years, the brand’s introduction of Worn Wear has extended garment lifetimes and reduced carbon, waste, and water footprint significantly. Patagonia’s also tackled the clothing industry’s plastic usage in products, aiming to reduce the number of synthetics used in its own apparel line.

Through its climate goals, carbon footprint transparency, and grant funding for organizations, Patagonia has proven to be about more than just selling products, but also giving back in impactful ways.  

Key Takeaways

Promoting an active lifestyle extends beyond clothing and gear. For many who enjoy the outdoors and nature, this love of the planet means supporting brands with that same goal in mind. Patagonia’s own history of crafting quality products for its customers has shifted beyond the normal activewear to outdoor and travel gear, health-conscious food for on the go, and donating proceeds of purchases to causes. The brand has changed the industry and made others step up their own game as a result.

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