Driving Clinical Trial Success and Brand Growth for NUsurface Orthopedic Solutions
NUsurface, is a medical technology company, that develops and markets orthopedic implant solutions designed to restore mobility and alleviate pain for patients with musculoskeletal conditions. NUsurface came to Mavericks Marketing with the dual challenge of clinical trial enrollments and brand awareness.


NUsurface faced a significant challenge: they needed to secure 85 clinical trial enrollments to advance to the next phase of FDA approval. At the same time, they aimed to establish a brand presence to lay the groundwork for their upcoming commercial launch. Balancing these dual objectives required a strategic approach to achieve immediate clinical trial success and ensure long-term brand growth.

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Transforming Clinical Trial Enrollment and Brand Presence for NUsurface

A comprehensive approach leveraging paid media and content marketing was created to drive clinical trial enrollments and enhance the website’s organic search ranking, particularly for terms related to knee pain and knee ailments. This strategy aimed to attract qualified leads and increase visibility among relevant audiences.

Improved Cost Efficiency: Initially, trial enrollment incurred a cost of $176 per acquisition. Through continuous optimization and refinement of our Omni channel approach, the cost was drastically reduced to an average cost of $19 per acquisition, significantly enhancing cost efficiency and budget.

Enhanced Organic Search Ranking: Organic search ranking for key terms related to knee pain witnessed a remarkable surge, experiencing a +115% increase in year-over-year traffic.

Exceeding Enrollment Goals: The concerted efforts in paid media and content marketing culminated in surpassing the clinical trial enrollment target, achieving the milestone a year ahead of schedule. This early success paved the way for subsequent commercial release campaigns in Germany, Italy, and Israel, leveraging the momentum gained during the trial phase.

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