Case Study




Glovelast was created out of admiration for the sport of golf and the frustration in glove quality from game to game. The founder was frustrated that his golf gloves were stiff and wrinkled each time he began a new game. The golf glove, to him, was what led to a better golf game, and having to replace them often led to him having an inconsistent golf game. Glovelast invented a way to extend the life of your golf glove. Their mission is to extend the life of your golf glove so you save money on the expense of buying multiple gloves a season and have a consistent golf swing every time you play.


Glovelast needed to achieve sales growth, increase brand awareness, acquire new customers, and nurture existing ones via their website and digital media efforts.


  • Paid Social
  • Organic Social
  • Paid Search
    • Google Shopping
    • Amazon Ads
  • Email Strategy
  • Content Marketing
  • Design & Branding
  • Digital Marketing Strategy


Mavericks Marketing strategized and tested out different channels, audiences, and promotions to figure out how to best introduce golfers to the Glovelast Glove Saver.

Being a very demonstrable product, we quickly realized an integrated social media marketing strategy was crucial to spreading Glovelast’s brand name throughout the golf community. This was accomplished with frequent organic posts showing the product in action, beginner golfing tips, and fun facts, as well as consistent testing through paid ads. Supporting this, we ran Amazon sponsored listings and conducted monthly SEO to ensure maximum visibility anywhere a user may search for Glovelast. Finally, abandoned cart email marketing helped us convert users who were on the cusp of purchase, by reminding them of their purchase and deploying promotions when possible.

With the Glovelast, your golf gloves will never be stiff and wrinkly. Simply put your glove on the Glovelast to always have smooth, new-looking gloves on hand.


Increase Brand Awareness and Revenue Growth

Units sold (58% directly through the website vs Amazon)
Increased Average-Order value over one year with strategic promotions/ bundles
Social followers added over 1 year through consistent posting, building engaging with the community, and contesting aligned with PGA tournaments
Abandon Cart Open Rate, with 11% converting on the same day

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